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What Factors will Influence the Ore Grinding Efficiency?

The ore grinding process is a core step using ball mills as the key equipment in the ore beneficiation production line. There are factors influencing the ore grinding efficiency of the ball mill. Here our experts will analyze two main factors.

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1.Ore concentration

The ore concentration or the ore density has much effect on the grinding efficiency. As too high concentration will prolong the ore grinding time, minerals will flow quite slowly inside the ball mill, thus leading to over grinding. Moreover, in the high concentration ore pulp, coarse ore grains are hard to sink and will flow with the pulp.

If the ore density is too low, minerals will flow quickly and the grinding time is shortened, also resulting in coarse ore running off. At the same time, large density ore grains will deposit at the bottom of the ore pulp, which will also cause over grinding.

When operating the ball mill, users need to keep the ore density at a proper value by controlling the water supply volume. Generally speaking, ore density of coarse grinding materials is about 75%-85% and that of fine grinding materials is 65%-75%. If the ore grain size is not in the reasonable range, it will seriously influence the ore grinding efficiency.

2.Operation of users

Users’ operation will of course influence the ore grinding efficiency of ball mills. For example, in the closed ore grinding process, if the sand return rate is too high and even exceeds the normal handling capacity of the ball mill, it will lead to the coarse ore running off.


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