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How Important Is the Ball Mill’s Ventilation System?

The ventilation system plays an essential role for a ball mill, especially an energy saving ball mill. It has direct influence on the ball mill’s quality and economic benefit. So how important is the ventilation system? Our experts conclude that there are at least seven advantages:

1.To weaken the stickiness and corrosion of the equipment caused by the wet materials

2.Be able to produce qualified fine powder in time and reduce the over grinding phenomenon, thus increasing the ball mill’s working efficiency.

3.To eject the heat and water vapor produced when the ball mill works so that the temperature and moisture inside the mill will be decreased, which will further avoid problems like sticking to the mill, sticking to materials and blocking the cabin separating board and holes of the grid plate.

ball mill

4.To prevent the gypsum dehydration and cement fake solidification phenomena

5.To reduce the dust of the grinding head of the ball mill and improve the environment

6.To improve the hot working environment for the package

7.To prolong the service life of the ball mill

Some people may think that the ventilation system of the ball mill has only something to do with the blower performance. That is a one-sided opinion. In fact, the ball mill’s entire ventilation and air collecting system plays a direct and important role. If possible, enlarge the air intake of the ball mill so as to weaken the ventilation bottle-neck trouble.

Ball mills can only make the most profit for customers when the ventilation system works normally.


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