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Vibrating Feeder

This series of vibrating feeder is widely used in coal industry for quantitatively sending the raw coal and coal powder from the storage bin to the material receiving equipment, and it has such features as fast start, stable stoppage, low maintenance rate, convenient installation and simple structure, so that it is the ideal equipment for feeding materials in the coal industry.
    • No lubrication
    • Simple structure
    • Easy maintenance

1. Description of Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating feeder is also called vibrating feeding machine.

Vibrating feeder can be used to evenly and continuously to feed the bulk or particle materials to the fed machines in the production process.. In the sand production line, it can continuously and evenly feed materials for the crusher and screen the materials. Therefore, it is widely used in the crushing and screening process in industries such as metallurgy, coal, ore beneficiation, building materials and materials grinding.

Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating feeder features simple structure, convenient operation, low electricity consumption.

Vibrating feeder is divided into four types: GZD vibration feeder, ZGM vibrating feeder, ZSW feeder machine and GZZ vibrating feeder. Vibrating feeder is capable of evenly and continuously feeding the materials to the fed equipment.

2. Working Principle

Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating feeder is taking advantaging of the centrifugal force caused by the rotating of eccentric block to drive the screen box and vibrator to move along round or nearly round movement. Vibrating feeder is made up of feeding trough, exciter, spring support and transmission device. The vibrating resource of feeding trough is exciter which is composed of two eccentric shafts and wheel gear. The purpose of delivering material can be achieved by relying on the constant movement among the wheel gears.

3. Technical Parameter

Model Max.
of material
GZD-650×2300 300 80-100 1.2×2 10-20 650×2300 2300×1360×780
GZD-750×2500 350 100-130 1.5×2 10-20 750×2500 2500×1460×780
GZD-850×3000 400 120-150 3×2 10-20 850×3000 3110×1800×1600
GZD-1000×3600 500 150-200 3.7×2 10-20 1000×3600 3850×1950×1630
GZD-1100×3600 580 240-300 3.7×2 10-20 1100×3600 3600×2050×1660
GZD-1300×3600 650 450-600 7.5×2 10-20 1300×3600 3900×2350×1750
GZD-1500×3600 1050 450-1000 7.5×2 10-20 1500×3600 3900×2000×1750
GZD-2000×3600 1200 550-1000 10×2 10-20 2000×3600 3600×2000×1750
GZD-2500×5000 1500 650-1500 18×2 10-20 2500×5000 5000×2500×1800
ZSW-380×95 500 100-180 11 0-10 3800×960 3920×1640×1320
ZSW-490×110 630 150-400 15 0-10 4900×1100 4980×1830×1320
ZSW-490×130 750 400-700 22 0-10 4900×1300 4980×2580×2083
ZSW-600×130 750 400-700 22 0-10 6000×1300 6082×2580×2083
ZSW-600×150 800 500-900 30 0-10 6000×1300 6086×2662×1912
ZSW-600×180 900 700-1300 45 0-10 6000×1500 6310×3262×2230
ZSW-600×200 1200 800-1500 55 0-10 6000×2000 6310×3462×2230

4. Feeder Manufacturer

Hongxing Machinery introduced the advanced technology form abroad and combined the practical conditions of various manufacturers to fill the domestic blank of independent products. The series of products are suitable for being used in industries such as food, chemical, mines, ceramic and plastic. Hongxing has passed the ISO9001—2000 certificate of quality system and supplied you with more quality products. Hongxing will provide you with perfect service such as home delivery service, installation and debugging. Hongxing has passed the national mandatory CCC authentication and ISO9001—2000 certificate of quality system.

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